Basic Tarot Readings
Angel, Fairy & Oracle Cards
 Spirit & Pet Readings

I offer a wide variety of tarot card readings!

I have many tarot decks, and offer many card layouts. You can select a specialty reading to address an issue you wish to explore, or we can deal with your specific issues in a basic reading. (I will use a deck which I feel will be the most helpful.) Some readings  require more detail and will use a larger layout, while others may need only a handful of cards.  The depth of the reading depends on you and your question(s)!  

Angel, fairy and oracle cards offer a gentler perspective in most cases than the standard Rider-Wait-Smith style decks, which many people are used to seeing. I offer a selection of specialty spreads using these decks, often in combination with tarot cards, and I really enjoy using them.  Messages from the angels, arch angels, guides, and fairies can be very enlightening, and the cards are beautiful!

If you have a preference for one of these types of deck just let me know!

Sometimes during a reading  messages will come through from loved ones who have passed.  If I find that this is happening during your reading I will let you know.  If you wish to book a reading and add a spirit reading to it, there is a combination package available to do so. As well, I have a specific specialty reading you can select on its own to help us communicate with the other side. 

I also offer a short, fun pet reading- perfect to find out what your furry friend is thinking!

Basic Readings Price List

  • $30CAD  - 3+* Cards     -15 min 
  • $40CAD  - 6+* Cards    -25 min
  • $50CAD  - 10+* Cards  -30 min
  • $75CAD   - 15+* Cards   -45 min
  • $100CAD- 20+* Cards  -1 hour 
  • $150CAD - 30+ Cards -1.5 hours       (Extra Big Reading !)
  • $200CAD - ??? Cards   -2 hours       (Extra, Extra Big Reading! 
  • Add $20CAD  -Rush your reading (usually able to provide reading within 4 hours).
  • Add $25CAD - Include a short       Spirit Message with your reading.



* "+" - I may add extra cards to the reading at no additional cost if I feel it's needed to answer your questions.

Targeted Specialty Readings are available, please view the Specialty Services Price List.


Specialty Readings Price List

Focused and detailed readings designed to help with your specific areas of concern. Multiple/specialized spreads will be used.

  • $65CAD    - Finding Love

  • $65CAD    - Relationship Issues

  • $65CAD    - Career Concerns

  • $65CAD    - Family Problems

  • $65CAD    - Spirit Messages

  • $65CAD    - Birthday Reading

  • $65CAD    - Release Blockages

  • $65CAD    - Find Your Calling

  • $65CAD    - Full Year Ahead

  • $120CAD  - Combine 2x$65 Readings



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