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Basic Tarot Readings
Angel, Fairy & Oracle Cards
Combo's & Spirit Readings

I offer a wide variety of tarot card readings!

I have many tarot decks, and offer many card layouts. You can select a specialty reading to address an issue you wish to explore, or we can deal with your specific issues in a basic reading. (I will use a deck which I feel will be the most helpful.) Some readings  require more detail and will use a larger layout, while others may need only a handful of cards.  The depth of the reading depends on you and your question(s)!  

Angel, fairy and oracle cards offer a gentler perspective in most cases than the standard Rider-Wait-Smith style decks, which many people are used to seeing. I offer a selection of specialty spreads using these decks, often in combination with tarot cards, and I really enjoy using them.  Messages from the angels, arch angels, guides, and fairies can be very enlightening, and the cards are beautiful!

If you have a preference for one of these types of deck just let me know!

Sometimes during a reading  messages will come through from loved ones who have passed.  If I find that this is happening during your reading I will let you know.  If you wish to book a reading and add a spirit reading to it, there is a combination package available to do so. As well, I have a specific specialty reading you can select on its own to help us communicate with the other side. 

There are also combination packages available.

Basic Readings Price List

  • $30.00    - 15 minutes
  • $50.00    - 30 minutes
  • $75.00     - 45 minutes (Most Popular)
  • $100.00  - 1 hour 
  • $150.00   - 1.5 hours 
  • +$20.00 -Rush your reading (usually able to provide reading within 5 hrs.)
  • +$30.00 - Include a 15 minute Spirit Message with your reading.

Targeted Specialty Readings are available, please view the Specialty Services Price List.

*Prices are in Canadian Dollars.


Specialty Readings Price List

Focused and detailed readings designed to help with your specific areas of concern. Includes a 45 minute session. Multiple/specialized spreads will be used.

  • $75.00   - Finding Love

  • $75.00   - Relationship Issues

  • $75.00   - Career Concerns

  • $75.00   - Family Problems

  • $100.00 - Spirit Messages

  • $75.00    - Birthday Reading

  • $75.00    - Release Blockages

  • $75.00    - Find Your Calling

  • $100.00  - Full Year Ahead

  • $285.00  - Combine 6x$50 Readings


I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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